Conference Banquet

Talks and Posters

Icebreaker Reception


Welcome to the 40th Annual Winter Meeting of the Mineral Deposits Studies Group, which will be held this year at the University of Bristol.

Over the past 5 years, Bristol has built strong links with the mineral deposits community through the establishment of the Bristol PCD project. This interdisciplinary endeavour seeks to understand the links between volcanism, tectonics, and porphyry copper mineralisation.

We look forward to hosting a similarly interdisciplinary series of talks and posters on all aspects of mineral deposit geology at MDSG.

See you in December!

Frances Cooper and the MDSG 2016 organising committee

Preceded by a 30-minute kick-off talk by Dick Sillitoe

Two days of talks and posters in the School of Chemistry

A banquet in the historic Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building

Tues 20th & Wed 21st

Tuesday 20th

Monday 19th